Monday, March 30, 2015

Changing things in my life!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make you guys aware that I will be doing less shows this year & in the future. The older I get the harder it gets! Never thought I'd say that since I've been doing shows since 1989! Anyway I will pick & choose the best ones for me. At any time if you see a piece of jewelry I post you can certainly call me or e mail me for information & cost. I ship all the time. I am also selling loose beads a lot on Facebook. My facebook page for Glass jewelry & beads is under "Debbie's Treasures". I will be posting pics there & links to where I am selling loose beads. Some of these FB pages for selling are groups you have to join to buy the beads. It's very simple! Just ask to join & then you will see all the lovely beads for sale-including mine! Let me know if you have any further questions about this. So keep an eye out on my limited show schedule & for my beads for sale too! Here are a few beads I have on sale now:

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